Experience Bliss With Keshananda

“Keshananda“ joy for hair is a solarized and organic recipe of herbal blends to enrich and nourish hair. The herbs and carrier oils are natural and purest in nature to provide maximum benefits and value to hair. The golden drops of “Keshananda“ leaves hair enchanted with every application. The carrier oils infused with herbs contain natural essential vitamins and minerals that leaves hair and scalp conditioned, nourished and healthy. It also clears away the UV damage of sun on hair by acting as natural sunblock. Let’s enjoy Dadi ki Champi with Keshananda.

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Cold Pressed Oils

100% pure Cold Pressed Oils retain seeds’ and nuts’ natural antioxidants, vitamins and aroma. Lightweight oils moisturize and hydrate your face/body skin as well as hair/scalp. A complete nourishment for hair, face & body

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  • Charcoal & Glycerin Soap

    Charcoal & Glycerin Soap is a natural cleanser which gives the much-needed cleansing therapy to skin and body after the daily grind.

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  • Orange and Mint Soap

    Orange and Mint Soap delights your skin with the enriched benefits of orange and mint that repairs, rejuvenates, and beautifies skin, leaving it sparkling throughout the day.

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  • Oats and Goat Milk Soap

    Oats & Goat Milk Soap is packed with rich moisturisers, vitamins, and minerals skin craves.

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