About Keshananda

Since ancient times India’s pride has been rooted in its culture and wisdom.
All the vedas and scriptures postulate the benefits of herbs and their uses .
Being a diverse county with a variety of seasons has blessed our country with an immense wealth of culture and biodiversity. There is wide variety of herbs and natural oils found naturally around us .These oils are enriched with nutrition and are extremely beneficial when used holistically.

From our land of culture, heritage and knowledge we have launched our very own"Keshananda" joy for hair Herbal blend. It is a back to basic approach that helps us build a pure and organic recipe.

The blend will leave its magic with every single drop and mesmerise you.
We have not added any artificial aroma, extracts or preservatives to keep it pure and organic. It is light, non sticky and the color obtained is natural. The oil is solarised before packaging to encapsulate the power of sun and its benefits.

Keshananda has herbal hair oils, cold pressed oils, body scrubs, soaps, power packs & gift packs as part of it's 100% indigenous Made In India product collection.

All Hair Type
The formula blends Frankincense,Hibiscus,Basil,Neem ,Amber Bel ,Kapoor Chakli ,Brahmi and many such herbs.All the herbs support in the maintenance of healthy and lustrous looking hair.They keep away dandruff ,stop hair fall and maintain Ph of hair. The vitamins and minerals of carrier oils provide nourishment and protection from damage done by pollution and UV rays by acting as natural sun block for hair.

Anti Dandruff
This special recipe uses ingredients like Yarrow,Burdock root, Neem, Amla, Jatamansi and many more for their anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. The herbs act as natural astringents to clean away the dandruff and keeping scalp healthy .Ginseng & Bhringraj are added for the rejuvenation of hair and stop hair loss. The carrier oils retain moisture and give protection against the harmful effect of UV rays.

For Kids
In this recipe we have blended Brahmi ,Bhringraj,Calendula,Neem,Amla and many such herbs for the nurturing of hair and scalp .The continuous use helps in the healthy and balanced hair growth keeping away all the infections. Regular use will fortify hair against any internal and external factors. Carrier oils will keep hair shiny and soft by providing necessary nourishment.

Color Treated Hair
Color treated hair involves special herbs like Cedarwood, Lemongrass, Lavender, Geraniums, Aloe Vera and many more to provide deep conditioning to hair and scalp. They will enhance the natural PH of hair to retain their natural moisture. The carrier oils are penetrative and cure the chemical damage done during the application of colors .The minerals and vitamins of oils will cure the hair shaft and give vital protection against the UV rays.

Apply Keshananda regularly before every wash .The effects will be visible in two weeks time. It will put a stop to hair fall ,maintain the natural ph balance of the scalp and the hair, clear off dandruff and rejuvenate hair growth.

Other Uses

The blend can also be used as a mask, follow these simple instructions for three simple masks.

Take 2 tablespoons curd, 1 tablespoon oil and 1 tablespoonful honey. Warm the mixture and apply. Leave it in for about 30 minutes and wash off.

Mix 1 egg with 1 tablespoonful oil. Apply liberally on hair and leave on for 30 min. Wash off.

Take 2 tablespoons of milk,1 tablespoonful oil ,apply and keep it for 30 min .Wash off.

Quantities can be adjusted according to the length and volume of hair.

The oil or mask should be applied with finger tips. Avoid sharp nails to avoid tearing of the roots. Keep oil for 1 hour atleast for best results. Place the bottle under the sun to solarise it.

What Differentiates Keshananda from others?

It is organic and solar. We are packaging the blend in recyclable and reusable glass bottles which not only helps the environment but keeps the blend pure and safe without any reactions .The glass bottles will harness the solar energy and pack every drop with the punch of well being and help you maintain your healthy and bouncy crowing glory.

Let’s enjoy Dadi ki Chumpi with Keshananda!